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Vegetation management is a year round endeavor and an annual weed control program is necessary for continued success.  Various strategies can be employed alone or in combination to achieve the desired results; saving time and money.  

The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get


Weed abatement through mowing, discing or grading of firebreaks, or 100% of an entire area, reduces the property fire hazard in compliance with local city and county regulations.  

Mowing an area or firebreak reduces the height of weed growth, while discing turns the vegetation under the soil, thus diminishing the fire hazard.  Grading an area or firebreak eliminates all weed growth, thus removing the fire danger.  

The foundation of any vegetation management program begins with an application of pre-emergent herbicides.  Pre-emergent herbicides treat the soil, not the existing growth.  They must be watered in either by rain or irrigation, therefore they are generally applied during the fall and winter months to maximize the benefits.  Once in the soil, the material stops the germination process of annual weed seeds.

Soil Sterilants

Soil sterilants are applied to A. B. prior to paving to reduce future vegetation growth in paved areas.  These applications are usually made within 24 hours of paving to reduce the possibility of material breakdown.

Weedeating areas inaccessible by tractors further reduces fire hazards.  In addition, weedeating can be done in sensitive areas with little or no negative environmental impact.  Weedeating is also utilized for property enhancement, eliminating weed growth in otherwise desirable areas. 

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